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Story Maker

Instant Slide Shows with Voice 
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Powerful Social Platform

Among fast rising social media expectations, take your Instagram Facebook TikTok pictures to next level. Engage your fans with stories that speak with your own voice,feelings, and personality.  

  • No training or learning curve needed
Made for Influencers, Marketers, Educators
  • Your pictures now worth 1000 words


Narrate slideshows on the fly

Lots of apps let you add sound to video. Speakies is different. It embeds what you say within each picture, then seamlessly stitches pictures into amazing videos. Slides can be shuffled on the fly so you're ready for your social media spotlight in seconds.

  • Use your favorite photo editor app
  • Make pictures stand out - one or unlimited
  • Let friends and fans hear your voice

Compelling Way to Share

Ever want to share some memorable pictures from your Photos gallery? And quickly say something about each one? Speakies app was made for you. It's really magical how easy it is.


  • Perfect for remote learning
  • Explain anything anytime
  • Add captions, titles and scripts
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Video with Sound is #1 Tool on Social Today

Speakies is the easiest video creation app for anyone who wants to make a dynamic impact on digital media.

Speakies was made for influencers, marketers, educators, doctors, and people like you looking for simplicity, adaptability, and versatility. Snap - Record - Share. It really is that simple!

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