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Keep up with fast rising social media expectations, take your Instagram Facebook TikTok Whatsapp feeds to next level. Engage your fans with compelling stories in your own voice. Channel your enthusiasm, expertise, convictions, joy, trust. After all, who better to tell your stories than you? Expedite your daily content creation. And do it for fraction of what other apps charge. Pictures with Sound stand out and get 300% more likes on social.


Lots of apps let you add soundtracks to video. Speakies is different. It embeds what you say within each picture, then magically stitches your story into a seamless video file that can be shared or saved. Professional looking Speakies can be made on the fly - so you’re ready for the social media spotlight in minutes, not hours. No video editing experience needed. It’s never been easier.


Did you ever wish to string together some memorable pictures from your Camera Roll? And then say something about each one? Speakies app was made for you. It's really magical how simple it is. No tutorial necessary. No bewildering media assets. No templates to select. No dragging out computer. No sign in required. And great customer service. Has all the basics. But versatile and nimble for making quick digital content. Stable user friendly interface. User experience is easy and fun. You have control because it is so simple to make an impact.


1 - Choose Some Pictures - one or many - use favorite photo editor of choice before or post production - select any size format that works for you - add text, captions, titles, markers - a few taps to type or dictate notes. Always find most recent photos on top. Unlimited editing. No fancy editing needed. Just the right tools. Use stock photos or your own library. Dictate or type notes.


2- Tell Your Story - it’s a breeze - scripted or ad lib - make voiceovers that pop in your own voice  - no stop and start - do over until it’s perfect. No frustrating error messages. No annoying music track in background. No resizing worries. Mix no problem. No duration fumbling. No breaks between clips. Auto saving - Never lose work in progress. No time constraint. Add background or pick fonts post production. Integrate previous content too.


3 - Share with friends, customers, students, patients, and fans - keep gallery of your best productions - your pictures are worth 1000 words. audio smooth no pops or fades. Vertical, landscape, square, no hassle. No watermarks.


Your Speakies are available everywhere - sync using iCloud so you can continue creating across all your devices - also all social media sites - allows any size and format orientation so it looks right on all platforms. No need to crop. Lag time is practically zero since no cloud servers. Playback is smooth and glitch free.



TikTok settings -

Save to Device (with or without captions)

Upload HD (up to 1020p) may take longer to process and upload


Upload or Effects

Unlock tons of filters, effects, even AR objects

Trim, cut, merge, duplicate your video file in favorite app

Add hottest music tracks and playlists

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