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The Creator Set

Creator Economy = fastest growing

A-list influencers

Brands that are interested in innovation and wealth creation

Something radically different going on here

Serving up unlimited videos

Carving out our own niche

Driven in part by move to allow users to control their own data

Primary goal is not to connect but to entertain, teach, explain, rollout or just have a bit of fun



Whatever your story, here’s the place for it.

A platform to be yourself

A platform to express the world around you


No better time than now to get started.


hashtag challenges


Use high quality cameras and microphones

built to cater to your technical aptitude and short time spans

charting our own path

what we’re doing here is very different

play role in people’s lives

not perfect by any stretch

but wish it existed for me years ago



Don’t Make Videos. Make Speakies.

Intuitive Video Making Software

Presentations devoid of dazzling effects or underlying soundtracks.

Plenty of vitality and creativity

Joyful celebratory bonding

why take hours to make a 30 second video


Learn from history - 

mistakes made by Big Tech around data and privacy


TikTok = most downloaded app for past two years

more than 1 billion active users per month

social media market now valued at more than $1 billion / year

available in 150+ markets

content graph vs. social graph

algorithm is proficient feeds

brand-new TikToker can hit million views without single follower

TT provides visual and gamification techniques

brands get 5:1 return or more on ad spending

youth aversion to traditional adverts

companies hand over their brand to influencers

amplify their reach, reposting duets and stitches

community endorsements resonate


Instagram Reels

YouTube Shorts

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