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           For Educators

Speakies is great for Education - especially now with demand for remote teaching - in all truth, we never anticipated our app would be used this way - explore ways our app can be used to teach from a distance - teachers don’t have time to make the perfect video - unpolished video has its upsides like authenticity and personal contact - lots of teachers are unsure how to use digital tools in a meaningful way - Speakies can become the go to app for all forms of absentee instruction because of its versatility, adaptability, and simplicity - result is students go into class with a better understanding of a given topic - or anticipate what teacher will be talking about - or gain a deeper understanding of a certain topic - you can give task to record homework and this way teacher can see students thinking - idea of recording live video lessons is great way to deliver learning topics to students - then export to a folder shared with students - all you need is iPad with Speakies app - an iMessage group - a shared folder -

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