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About Speakies app

Do you ever want to string together a few memorable photos, say something about each one, and then share your narrated video story with friends, family, or the world? Speakies app was created for you! It's really magical just how easy it is. No video producing experience necessary. No professional tutorials.  No confusing templates or video editing tools. . Speakies  app has all you need to make and share great social content as easy as possible.  

Other video making apps let you add "voiceovers" but Speakies technology s different - it embeds what you say into each picture then enables you to stitch and edit your story anyway you want. Let your fans hear your voice convey your enthusiasm, expertise, or convictions. A Speakie can be made on the fly - so your posts are ready for the social media spotlight in minutes - not hours. It's really that fast  Here's all you do -

1. Choose  Pictures from Camera Roll - as many as you like  - edit photos- then add a script or caption

2. Tell Your Story - scripted or ad lib - pic by pic or all the way through - do over one pic or entire deck - sort and shuffle the deck at will


3. Save and Share - save on Photos app or in Speakies gallery - post on social - no format worries - your slide show will look and sound terrific 

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